Poster Presentation Guidelines


Poster Size:

The size of the poster should be 36" (inch) wide x 48" (inch) long (Portrait). You must leave at least 1" margin on all sides to avoid cropping during printing.




Title as submitted on your abstract (60point)


Presenting Author and co-authors (the name of presenter is to be underlined.) (48pt)


Affiliation(s) (36pt)


Basic Content Requirements:

Use fonts such as Arial/Times New Roman in a reasonable font size (Sub heading: 36pt and Body text: 30pt). The spacing between the lines should also be taken into consideration. All the details about the research carried by the author should be presented in a simple and crisp format under the following heads


Introduction: This part should focus on the objectives and background of the work.


Methods: Simple description of the protocols and methodology used in the research project.


Results: Graphs, charts, pictures, etc., with a minimum of text to illustrate the nature of the results.


Conclusion : Conclusion along with future research perspective should also be discussed.


Colour of the poster


Keep backgrounds light, white is often a good option.


It is best not to use graduations.


Never use an image as a background design; whatever passionate you might be or creative they are.


Semi-transparencies do not work well for printing. Keep colors at 100%.


Important Information for Poster Presenters

Poster will be oriented in Portrait shape and NOT AS LANDSCAPE.

The poster boards are available for poster display from 8th March 2017 onwards till 10th March 2017.

Presenters should mount their posters between 9:00 am and 10:30 am (IST) on the day of their presentation.

Please restrict the size of your poster within the given poster board dimension.

Please mount you poster on your assigned poster board. Each poster board will have the poster number.

Authors are responsible for mounting their posters. Please use double side self-adhesive tape (other provided material) to mount your poster, which will be available at the Help Desk of Poster session/Registration Desk.

Poster presenters are requested to be available during poster session time. However, posters must remain up for the entire day.

The presentation must cover the material as cited in the abstract.

No commercial activities or any advertising may be displayed on the posters.