Scope of Symposium

The 4th 3R International scientific conference on material cycles and waste management encompasses all topics related to sustainable waste management and valorization of various streams. 

The scientific program will consist of plenary, invited lectures, oral/poster presentations.

3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling) challenges
Waste and recycling resource statistics and data collection and processing
Initiatives towards minimization of hazardous waste generation
Steps towards mitigation of hazardous waste
Eco friendly processes and products
Municipal solid waste characterization and management
Waste Biomass utilization
E-waste recycling and management
Hazardous waste treatment and management
E LV (end-of-life vehicle) recycling and management
Construction and demolition waste
Valorization of waste for various applications including energy production
Energy efficiency and management related to waste management
Thermo-chemical, biochemical and mechanical treatment of waste streams
Novel catalysts/materials for value addition of waste streams
Industrial waste characterization and management
Disaster waste and marine debris management
Hazardous and asbestos waste management
Radioactively contaminated waste and low-level radioactive waste
Waste landfill and disposal
Greenhouse gas control related to waste management
Novel analytical methods developments of waste streams
Policy, institutions, and financial measures focusing on waste management and 3R
Sustainability - LCA studies, system analysis, substance flow analysis and others
Going global- challenges and opportunities for waste management and 3R