Arguably Delhi’s finest monument, the 16th-century Humayun’s Tomb is considered to be an prototype of the Taj Mahal. This World Heritage Monument is part of a complex that includes other tombs, gardens and a Serai (inn/hotel), and has been restored to glory over the past two decades through painstaking conservation and restoration efforts.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of this remarkable creation and feel the sixteenth century come alive in a 2-hour walk through a garden tomb that stands as a testimony to the central position of Delhi in the political and architectural capital of India.

Departure from India Habitat Centre : 1430 hours
Arrival at Humayun’s Tomb : 1500 hours
Guided tour : 1515 hours
Departure for India Habitat Centre : 1715 hours
Tour coordinator : Dr Anjan Ray
Maximum number of participants : 35
Tour charges* : Rs 250 (Indian delegates) / USD 10 (foreign delegates)
*Inclusive of ticket charges


The resource-efficient TERI retreat for environmental awareness and training is located at Gual Pahari, about 35 km from the heart of India’s capital, Delhi. Covering an area of 36.5 hectares of carefully planned and landscaped surroundings, this originally barren space is today a lush green ecosystem that stands out as a model of sustainable habitat.

The Energy and Resources Institute ( is a leading think tank dedicated to conducting research for sustainable development of India and the Global South. Established in 1974 as an information centre on energy issues, it has transformed into a research institute known for its policy and technology solutions aimed to enrich and radically reorient people's lives and the environment.

The TERI retreat at Gual Pahari integrates various forms of renewable energy sources, has adopted energy efficient building designs, re-uses generated wastes and sets an example for architects, builders, and others for the promotion of sustainable living as a philosophy.

Warm in winter and cool in summer, naturally well-lit all year round, richly endowed with flora and fauna and only marginally dependent on grid-fed electricity, TERI Retreat at Gual Pahari welcomes interested delegates from the 4th 3RINCs Conference.

Departure from India Habitat Centre : 1400 hours
Arrival at TERI Gual Pahari : 1530 hours
Site visit : 1600 hours
Departure for India Habitat Centre : 1730 hours
Tour coordinator : Dr Thallada Bhaskar
Maximum number of participants : 35
Tour charges : Rs 250 (Indian delegates) / USD 5 (foreign delegates)